June 17, 2024

How To Make a Perfect Choice of Linear Lighting for Your House?

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As we can see that linear lighting has become the most popular choice amongst people for their various needs, all thanks to its versatility and sleek, slimline design. The most obvious choice would be for places like kitchen islands, dining tables, and conference tables. Though it offers a lot in form and functionality, linear lighting has been the best option for all homes and offices.

Why do we choose linear lighting?

Linear lightings are more focused and elongated lightings that are used within the room, that gives a crisp, constant line of light for areas like the dining table or kitchen island where it is needed the most. Apart from this, they can illuminate the wide spaces, which are one of the excellent ways, to make the room look wider all because of its wider illumination of light. Their versatility means they can even be used in smaller interior spaces too. 

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What are the different styles of linear lighting?

With many innovations that have been coming up in this LED lighting, these linear lightings are now available in different and new forms. So, here is the list of their types:

  1. Linear Pendant LED Lighting: This has a black body and a white diffuser which gives it a minimalistic look that goes well with the different interiors. They are easy to be installed and have super low maintenance.
  2. Long 4ft Modern Linear Suspension light: This is the best for its industrial-grade performance where it is required for its dependability and efficiency. This includes a convenient switch that enables to change of temperature and colors. 
  3. Flat Linear Suspension: This has a flat and wide LED panel that provides illumination to larger surfaces. It is especially suitable for areas like a kitchen island or a workspace. It also includes cable locking pins that enable to change the height of the cable as and when required.
  4. Curvaceous White Linear Pendant Fixture: It has a smooth and sleek design that looks appealing to people around you. it has a curve in the middle, which moves outwards to give a simple and elegant look. 
  5. Linear suspension chandelier: This has a dramatic impact that is suitable for lofty spaces. It has multiple linear pendants suspended from it giving it a dramatic look. It looks perfect for a living room where you need to illuminate the tall entryway.

How to choose the perfect lighting?

You need to first identify the purpose of the lighting. Whether you need it for a decorative purpose then you can select something that is of low voltage. If you want to use it as a main source of light then you can select the task lighting with a stronger voltage. You can choose one with dimmer.

If you are looking for linear pendant lights then the general thumb rule to hang it is about 30 to 50 cm from the ceiling. If you want to hang it on the dining table then it should be about 70 to 80 cm above the tabletop. 

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