June 15, 2024

Evaporative Coolers: What Makes Them Different From Other A/C Units

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The heat of the summer is great for those who are at the beach or swimming in the ocean, but what about when it starts to get inside? You probably turn up the air conditioner and grab a cold drink if you are like most people.

Air conditioning is the most common method of cooling your home. You have many options for air conditioners, each with its own set of pros, and cons. This can make the decision process more complicated and confusing.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Evaporative Coolers, one of the most used types of A/C units during the summer heat. Let’s look at how each cooling system functions, what climates they are most effective in, and which one is better.

Swamp Coolers Vs. AC Units: What’s The Difference?

Although both appliances are intended to cool your home they work in completely different ways. Below we have provided a quick overview of each of the cooling appliances.

  • Air Conditioners:

An air conditioning unit, a box-shaped device that can cool, cool, expel heat, and blow out cold air all in one unit, is described as a box-like appliance. A condenser coil cools and an exhaust pipe removes heat. This cool air is pushed into your home, providing the necessary relief on hot days. The cool air is then circulated through your home and eventually returns to the air conditioner unit to be cooled. The cycle continues until the desired temperature has been reached or the unit turns off.

  • Evaporative Air Cooler:

A swamp cooler is an evaporative cooler that uses water-soaked pads for cooling. This works by a fan pulling hot air into the unit. Then, the liquid is vaporized through a series pad that evaporates the liquid. It then blows out the cooler to the ambient temperature. The process of evaporation is similar to when you run cold water onto your skin on a hot day.

How Does Cooling Work?

Swamp coolers cool the air by adding moisture to the air. A fan circulates air continuously, creating a slight breeze that will cool your body.

The Benefits Of Evaporative Swamp Coolers

Evaporative units can make it more comfortable to live in dry areas by making the air moister. Evaporative units can make the air “feel cooler”, and may help alleviate symptoms like itchy eyes, dry skin, or sore throats.

Swamp coolers are a good option for budget-minded people who don’t want to spend as much on cooling as they cost. With the right tools, you can even build your swamp cooler. You can be concerned about the environment by using an evaporative cooler. They are extremely energy-efficient and produce very little emissions.

Maintenance Tips For Evaporative Coolers

You should be aware of the maintenance required before making a major purchase. There are some maintenance requirements for every appliance, no matter how old or new, to ensure that it runs efficiently.

First, all systems come with a venting system that allows hot air from the room to escape through an exhaust pipe. This can often be done through a drop ceiling, wall, or window. It is important to consider this when deciding which system to buy.

The maintenance requirements for an evaporative cooling system will vary depending on its type. To prepare the unit for storage and use, a window-mounted unit needs to be prepared in spring and autumn. A portable unit’s filters and water curtains need to be cleaned once a week. Your unit will last longer and be cooler if it is properly maintained.

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